Pearl of Africa

We were very lucky to have hosted the Pearl of Africa Children's Choir as part of their UK tour. The Choir performed to the children during the morning of Monday 16th October and held an evening performance in our hall. They also bought with them crafts and gifts to help them fundraise and our pupils snapped up bracelets and even a football made of bananas.

Members of the choir are aged 7 years upwards and after being selected for the choir the members live, train and attend school together for nearly 8 months before they arrive in the UK.

As well as singing, members of the choir dance and many of them are also accomplished musicians, drummers and composers. Their performances are a mixture of traditional African singing and dancing, which mixed with their vibrant personalities and colourful costumes, excite and entertain audiences. 

Help us to help them, in their words, 'sing so our friends can go to school'.

Office Contact: Mrs P Jackson

St Wilfrid's Church of England

Primary Academy.

Rectory Lane, Standish,

Wigan WN6 0XB

Tel: 01257423992

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