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School Council

Our School Council is made up from elected representatives from each year group from year 1 to year 6.

The School Council gives children a voice and opportunity to discuss ideas, issues and concerns they may have.  It also enables them to get involved in a variety of activities and events which affect our school and the wider community.

In recent years the School Council has contributed to a local school forum to gather ideas and suggestions for the renewal of play facilities at Ashfield Park in Standish.  

The Council also contribute to the appointment of new members of staff and are often involed in the interview stage of new staff selection.

The School Council both instigate and contribute to a wide range of fundraising activities and special events in school. A suggestion from members of the School Council led to the whole school takingpart in a British Values day celebrating and learning about our British Values.

ECO Team

Our ECO team is also made up of elected representatives from each class. The Eco-Schools programme is focused on nine key topics. These are:

School grounds
Healthy living
Global citizenship

Our Eco Team has chosen the topics we wish to address as part of the Eco-Schools programme. Energy is the only compulsory topic as tackling it is an excellent way to both reduce the Academy’s emissions and to save money through reduced energy bills.

As well as the Energy topic we are working on Litter and the School Grounds.


Our pupils also have access to a wide variety of clubs run at different times during the year during lunchtimes and after school. These include:

  • Bible Club 
  • Gardening
  • Books
  • Newspaper
  • Street Dance
  • Choir

Pupils are also able to take music lessons with peripatetic teachers in the following instruments or families of instruments:

  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Strings

Le Club Francais and El Club Espanol are Spanish and French Clubs, which are run at lunchtimes.

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