Confirmation Time!

Have you ever wondered what happens at a Conformation preparation class? Read Madeleine and Matthew's story on what took place this week.


"On Saturday as part of our Confirmation journey, we were given the opportunity to go to church, to have a guided tour and learn about the Church and what the priests wear. St Wilfrid’s church was first built in 1205, but some of the church was crumbling so they knocked it down and left it for 300 years.  They finally built it back up in 1523. The old font is rarely used today. The new font was given to the church in memory of one of parishioners who attended every week. Each stained glass window in the church has a meaning – they relate to things that have happened in the church or a Bible story. In 1205 the church had no pews and no organ. In 1523 these were finally added to the church. The altar at the front of the church is made of metal and wood."


"As confirmation candidates at St Wilfrid’s part of our journey with God includes learning about the priest’s clothing and what each part means. I was lucky to be asked if I would demonstrate by wearing some the clothes. The ‘Alb’ was the first piece of clothing I wore. It was white with a collar and stretched down to my ankles. Over that, I wore the stole which was like an untied scarf that hung straight down to my hips. Next came the chasuble. It draped over my body, and unlike the Alb, had no sleeves. After that, we looked at the most commonly known piece – the clerical collar. I did not wear this piece but we look at one that the clergy was wearing. It is a card like item that slots into the collar when they are not doing a service, so you know that the person is a priest. After wearing all these clothes I realised just how heavy they were. I could never wear them for a full hour! I was almost speechless when they told me there was something called ‘the cope’ and it alone was extremely heavy. When I was told I did not need to put this on, I was grateful, but if I had I would not be able to stand the weight. On the other hand, it was very beautiful on the reverse side. It had a picture of a crown with jewels and gold embroidery. There are lots of different colours they wear such as: purple for the seasons of advent and lent; red as a sign of blood for Easter and green for the usual Sunday service." 


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St Wilfrid's Church of England

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