Emile's Big Day Out at the Primary RE Conference

On Wednesday 6th March myself, Miss Beckwith, Mrs Fletcher and Christina were on our way to Blackburn stadium for a Christian leadership conference. When we got there, we were given a lanyard and a paper bag with lots of paper to read. The lanyard looked exactly like Mr Colothan’s. It had a card in it and it said our names. We spent 10 minutes finding our table even though we walked passed it. After we found our table and then we went for a photo at the window which we could see the pitch from.

The conference started at 9:30am and I was really excited. The first activity we did was worship and we talked about what special day it was. It was Ash Wednesday. We had a little prayer as we worshipped about Ash Wednesday. Lots of questions were asked and were answered.

At 9:50am we discussed about ‘wants and needs’. We did an activity, with the other people on our table, were we had cards and had to say whether people ‘want’ it or they ‘need’ it. We got them all right.

At 10:30am we had a break. We went down stairs on to the pitch. We had a look around and we took lots of pictures. When we got back up, we went to sit on these very tall chairs where you could see the full length of the pitch.

At 10:45am we got back to work and we were talking about what we really need to survive. We all put are hands up; we all gave a brilliant answer. We found that there were quite a lot of important thing that you needed to survive with. Many children had great answers.  We opened our bags and got a yellow sheet out. It was about 7 weeks of special tasks fore Lent.

It was 12:00. For my lunch, I had lasagne with garlic bread. It was yummy. For dessert, we had the gooiest sticky toffy pudding ever. We had to finish our lunch by 12:45pm so we could get onto the next task.

Our next activity was ‘water, water everywhere’. We had two packets of cards and we had to read them and match them up and put them in order from most important to least important. Then, we watched some short video clips about people who are forced to drink dirty, disgusting water with little or rather large sized bits in them.  Still they have to drink them and if they don’t they could possibly die. After that, we talked about who could change this water problem. There were three charities called Water Aid, Christian Aid and Islamic Aid. We had three booklets about the three charities that try and help those people who have that problem of drinking that dirty water. We had to share what we found out about the three charities and tell everybody on our table about it.

Our final activity was to make a poster about what we learnt during the conference. We decided to draw the earth with the sweet bowl we had and we placed four hands round. Our poster said ‘let’s thank God’. We put Mr Colothan’s favourite motto on our poster ‘What would Jesus do?’

It was the end of our fabulous day at the conference. We had a great time. We finished off with a prayer that a girl wrote. That was the end of our fabulous day.  

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