Raising Awareness of Plastic in the Ocean

Even though we live a long way from the coast, plastic we throw away could be making its way into the sea. Plastic takes a really long time to decompose and is causing a big problem in our oceans, affecting wildlife and the quality of water.  80% of the plastic, which finds its way into in our oceans,  comes from us.

Bu,t can you imagine what it is like to see the sea full of plastic waste - bottles, sweet cartons, old toys...?  Mrs Bretherton and our ECO team had a plan to help everyone see just what it is like to swim in a polluted ocean.

Today's swimmers arrived to find the pool full of plastic waste, which made it really difficult to swim. They also discovered how long it takes to tidy all the plastic up and make the water clean again.

Hopefully, we now can all understand a little more what effect plastic waste is having on the oceans and think of how we can have a positive impact on making the oceans cleaner.


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