Sophia takes part in a forum!

On Monday, I took part in some research about quiz/game shows. A student from Salford University called Sam came to our school with a camera about the size of a TV one!

When she had set up the camera, we all sat around a table and had a chat about what shows we watched and how often we watched them.

Later, we did a questionnaire and then she showed us some videos on quiz/game shows. After every clip she asked us some questions on the video.

Then we had some phrases or words and we had to work together as a team to put them in order. Number 1 we definitely needed and wanted and the one at the bottom we didn’t need and didn’t want.

It was very good fun and I would definitely do it again.

Finally, we all said goodbye to Sam and returned to class.



Thanks to Sam from Salford University, who gave 12 children the opportunity to tell someone all their thoughts on childrens TV and particularly games shows and quizzes. 6 children from Year 4 and 6 from Year 6 were full of ideas and opinions and had a great afternoon!

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