Tea with the Mayor

3L were very lucky to be invited to take tea in the Mayor's Parlour as part of UK Parliament Week. Steve, the Civic Attendant, who looks after the Mayor and the jewels, explained to the children that as the Mayor entered the room they would need to be 'upstanding'!

The Mayor answered all of the childrens questions, including how much he is paid and where he gets all his lovely things from! The children were all surprised to hear the Mayor does his role voluntarily and that he is a very busy man, but they were happy to see that he still has time to see his family. Aniela took lots of notes to ensure she didn't miss anything important.

The Mayor took the children into the Council Chambers to learn what takes place in a council session, how the councillors vote and the role of the Mayor. Even the teachers didn't know that when the Mayor's Mace is in place it always points to the biggest party. 

The Mayor allowed the children to dress in the Mayoral robes and then we all went to take tea in the Mayor's Parlour. It was Jack's birthday and everyone, including the Mayor, sang 'Happy Birthday' to him.

3L had a really lovely time and would like to thank the Mayor, Steve and Jo for allowing them to visit and the democracy team for teaching them all about the council meetings. Thank you also to Mrs Flynn and Mrs Salloum who accompanied them.


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