Year 2 'All Aboard'

Class: Year 2 Year: 2019 - 2020

As part of their Spring term topic work, 'All Aboard',  Year 2 took a ride on a double decker bus through the fog into Manchester. They visited the Museum of Science and Industry to see different types of vehicles through the years. Everyone was very interested in the Rolls Royce car and a lovely yellow limousine! 

Year 2 visited the world's oldest railway station, saw very old aeroplanes powered by bicycles, some carriages, helicopters and even electric cars!

We watched a presentation on the history of cotton mills and were all given a small piece of cotton.

There was even enough time during the day to try out the experiment gallery where we experimented with light and sound, different materials and even tried to successfully lift a mini car!

We were all very excited to see 'Baby', one of the first ever computers, which was built in Manchester. The children have been learning all about 'Baby' in their computing lessons and were very keen to ask if the stories Mrs Fletcher tells them about the meaning of 'debugging' were true! (they were!). It was a very big computer and the children were very confused as to where it's screen was!

The visit will now inspire Year 2 to produce some wonderful topic work as they learn more about the history of trains and cars.  

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